Undergraduate Students

Due to Covid-19, we are not taking undergraduate students at this time. Stay tuned for future updates.

Undergraduate Students (2019-2020)

Ryan Bonnie


Ryan is an undergraduate student in the final year of his undergraduate degree in Microbiology. Initially joining the Gibson Lab in the summer of 2019 after winning an NSERC-USRA award, Ryan started getting involved in the ongoing designer probiotic project. After spending in the summer, Ryan has returned to the Gibson Lab for the 2019/20 winter session to take on an honours project. Additionally, Ryan and Dr. Gibson have won MURPH awards for the 2019/20 winter session to work with Dr. Hoorfar from the engineering department on the designer probiotics project.      

Chyna Steele


Chyna is in the last year of her BSc, majoring in Microbiology. She started in the lab January 2019 doing a research mentorship, primarily volunteering and learning different lab techniques. She has completed an Honours Thesis over the summer of 2019 which focused on growing different probiotics. She is currently working on a Directed Studies continuing her work from the honours. She has hypothesized that supplementation with probiotics at birth will reduce intestinal permeability due to increased expression of tight junction proteins, but this reduction may result in future health consequences due to minimized subsampling of the gut microbiota or transient pathogens. Upon graduating with her BSc, she plans on attending medical school to pursue a career in the field of pediatrics

Hatem (Moe) Zubaidi

Moe's pic.jpg

Hatem “Moe” is a Microbiology (Hons) student at UBC Okanagan and an alumnus from Monash University, Australia. He graduated from Monash University with Biomedical sciences degree in 2015. During his BSc, he worked on microRNAs and their influence on cellular metabolism using the Caenorhabditis elegans model at the Pocock Laboratory for Brain Development, Neuroplasticity and Stem Cells. During his honours program at the Gibson lab, he investigated the effect of ELOVL5 mutation on the severity of colitis development. Currently, he is investigating the effect of dietary fats, including canola oil and coconut oil in colitis under the supervision of Natasha Haskey. Outside of academics, Moe is highly engaged with student development programs, casually going to the gym, painting and keeping up with economical analysts.