Dr. Deanna Gibson teaches the following undergraduate courses:

Immunology (BIOL 318)

Introduction to concepts of immunology. Immune system, innate immunity, complement, adaptive immunity, cellular and humoral immune response, cytokines, T-Cell activation, the major histocompatibility complex, antibody structure and genetics, immune system and cancer, AIDS, autoimmunity, hypersensitivity.

Virology (BIOL  312)

The topics of this course are the fundamental molecular properties of viruses, and viral pathogenesis including their interactions with host cells and in some cases the host responses to the viruses. Bacteriophages, DNA- and RNA-containing animal viruses, and retroviruses are covered with a focus on prevalent viruses encountered today as well as viruses of the past and how history has shaped the virology field. Emphasis will be on the phenomena occurring at the molecular level and on the regulated control of gene expression in virus-infected cells. Some anti-viral agents and vaccines are also discussed.

Medical Microbiology (BIOL  314)

This course focuses on bacterial agents of infectious human diseases. Aspects covered are physiology and structure, mechanisms of pathogenesis, immunological responses, clinical disease caused, epidemiology, laboratory diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and control. Furthermore, properties and uses of antibacterial agents, resistance, vaccines, and bioterrorism are studied as well.

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