Research Interests

Intestinal microbiome: neonate colonization, maternal and postnatal nutritional and other environmental effects on dysbiosis, relationship with the host innate immune system, effects on IBD, enteric disease susceptibility and Type 1 Diabetes.redg

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD): to find a cure; targeting healing processes, tissue repair for long term remission.

Intestinal pathogens: innate host responses to acute colitis, interaction and dynamics with intestinal microbiota.

Mucosal intestinal immunity: gastroenteritis, acute colitis, mucosal integrity, intestinal barrier function, intestinal homeostasis, intestinal stem cell proliferation, Toll-like receptor signaling, intestinal cytoprotective responses, intestinal wound healing.

Pharmaceutical immunology: probiotic pharmaceuticals, synthetic and natural anti-microbial and immune modulatory drugs.